New normal means you’re assigned human parking spots


At Central Park’s Sheep Meadow, people have human parking spots and a cop in a mask stands guard.

“KEEP THIS FAR APART,” the notice said, over a double-headed, six-foot arrow.

At Brooklyn’s Domino Park, the message was even worse — with white circles painted on an artificial-turf field near the southern end of the former sugar factory along the East River.

As temperatures reached the low 80s, every circle was full of sun worshippers soaking in the rays and the waterfront view of the Manhattan skyline.

Some parkgoers had the six-foot-diameter spaces all to themselves, while others were crammed full with as many as four people each.

People can wait on benches for spots to open.

Video of the scene was posted on Twitter by former journalist-turned-digital publisher Jennifer 8. Lee, who dubbed the arrangement “human parking spots.”


Watch the video below —

So, basically, these people are out of their minds. They won’t let New Yorkers choose anything. No freedom, no liberty, no rights, no constitution, and it was so easy.

Watch this shocking compilation:

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