New Orleans Mayor blames Trump for her not canceling Mardi Gras


New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell told the media several times that city leaders were told COVID-19 cases were contained as late as Lundi Gras. It was the federal government’s fault she didn’t cancel the Mardi Gras, according to the Mayor.

When asked if she would have canceled Fat Tuesday on February 25th, she said hindsight is 20/20, but federal leaders did not know the severity of the outbreak.

“I’m hoping the federal government would have provided even more leadership based on the science and data that was being communicated. On Lundi Gras, we were hearing from the federal government that the virus was contained,” she told Fox News.

She can’t think for herself?


This year Mardi Gras was celebrated from Monday, January 6, through Tuesday, February 25. The cancelation at the beginning of the celebration would have been unreasonable. It was an ongoing celebration and we don’t blame the Mayor or the federal government.

On February 25th, Joe Biden was calling the President a xenophobe for the China travel ban. The President was still optimistic about the virus being under control. Mayor Cantrell herself said she didn’t see any reason to cancel the Mardi Gras.

Talk of shutting down events began by the 25th, but it had just begun. Canceling the Mardi Gras would have cost a lot of tourist dollars and angered residents. Her decision was perfectly reasonable at that point in time. In hindsight, yes, it should have been canceled.

At that point, people didn’t realize just how dangerous this virus was. WHO and China were still lying. Congress wasn’t engaged until March. Nothing was yet canceled on February 25th. People were talking about canceling events.

Why is anyone to blame? The President banned travel with China on January 31st in the middle of impeachment with Democrats calling him a xenophobe and a racist. Do democrats take no responsibility for anything?


The Louisiana Department of Health is reporting 3,315 cases of the COVID-19 virus in the state with 137 deaths as of Saturday afternoon. Nearly 1,300 cases have been reported in Orleans Parish. It could be New York by next week.

Cantrell said the focus now should be on flattening the curve and getting resources.

She said the question about Mardi Gras is moot at this point.

“We can’t continue to look back, we need to look forward,” she said. The Mayor has also complimented the President for his help now.

We agree. Drop it for now. We can do the autopsy after this passes, and it will eventually pass. In any case, it’s not the President’s responsibility to run her city.


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