New Poll After Biden’s Screaming SOTU


We need to see more polls, but this Fox poll looks like a bad omen for Democrats who are fighting for power in November as if half the country were foreign adversaries worse than Putin. The screaming SOTU didn’t seem to help him.

Democrats are so power-mad that they are flooding the country with future Democrats, even criminals and terrorists; they are forming coalitions with media, celebrities, and politicians to demonize Trump and all who would vote for him. Google search engine is hiding the Right to support Democrats, and Democrats who hijacked the US justice system are preparing to imprison the GOP candidate on bogus charges.

It Trump wins, it is because the people voted for him, and the donors and weaponized executive lost.

The new poll from Fox News:
  1.  71% of Americans say Biden has “mostly FAILED” to improve border security.
  2.  69% say Biden has “mostly FAILED” to unify the country.
  3.  63% say Biden has “mostly FAILED” to make the U.S. safer.
The Sentinel is in the definitely failed category! And there’s more:
  • 58% say he mostly failed the middle class.
  • 61% Biden has mostly failed to improve US world image.
  • 61% say he mostly failed in handling the economy.

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