New Social Media Study Could Be Another Threat to Free Speech


The left-wing Carnegie Foundation will spend $18 million over the next three years to understand how and why our society is so polarized and how we can “strengthen the forces of cohesion to fortify our democracy.”

I’m sure any Republican could tell them for less than $18 million.

Under the direction of Dame Louise Richardson, the Corporation will commit up to $6 million annually to the program for at least the next three years.

In a letter in my box this morning, they wrote:

The winning proposals include a wide range of research projects that include using the largest dataset ever obtained from Meta to understand social media’s impact on polarization; developing civic education to decrease partisan prejudice among high school students; identifying conspiracy theories that lead to radicalization; and learning about democracy from the Asian American perspective.

“The foundation’s support of these fascinating projects is a considered effort to mine scholarship for insights into the underlying causes of the political polarization that is damaging our democracy,” said Richardson. “We also hope to gain insights into the means by which collectively we can mitigate the negative effects of this polarization on our society.”

I’d venture a guess here that they are looking for more ways to silence those with whom they disagree.

The Carnegie Foundation gives to very left-wing causes.

Dame Richardson is Irish, a Harvard grad, and an alleged expert on terrorism. She’s big on gender equality.

This has totalitarianism written all over it. The halls of academia are filled with these studies of social media, the one place the average person can have a say.

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