Republican Paul Ryan Throws Votes to Biden


Justice Ketanje’s brother-in-law, Paul Ryan, will not vote for Donald Trump. He wants it both ways so he said he will write in a Republican.

“Character is too important to me, and it’s a job that requires the kind of character that he just doesn’t have—having said that, I really disagree with Biden on policy. I wrote in a Republican the last time. I’m going to write in a Republican this time.”

He doesn’t know who yet.

Ryan was a disaster as Speaker and gave Democrats whatever they wanted when this onslaught of communism began.

Ryan’s Indefensible Stance

Ryan is role modeling throwing a vote away for a man whose policies are severely harming Americans. Prominent hedge fund manager Stanley Druckenmiller said yesterday on CNBC that he grades Bidenomics as an F.

Biden won’t bet on the free market and plans to centralize the entire economy in the hands of a few elites centered on DEI like Jared Bernstein.

Biden spent obscene amounts of money and created inflationary pressures that are outpacing wages and killing middle-class Americans.

Middle-class Americans who aspire to have their children attend top universities get to see Biden’s big donors fund anti-Jewish protests on college campuses.

In Georgia, they saw a college student savagely murdered at the hands of an illegal alien gang member thanks to Biden’s immigration policies.

Biden is destroying our affordable and reliable energy and efficient appliances, taking our gasoline cars away to sell us out to China and EVs, and putting men and boys in women’s and girls’ bathrooms while pretending males can be females.

Ryan wants you to throw away your vote because he doesn’t like Trump’s character, but he likes Biden’s? If he wants to throw his away, that’s his business, but he used his megaphone to get others to do the same.

Ryan’s comments as a Fox board member are indefensible.

Here is another example.

Julie Kelly and Jesse Kelly are outraged about Donald Trump when Biden’s next administration would be totalitarian. The money was approved for the FBI building. Trump can’t change that. The former President wants the FBI to stay in D.C. and fight crime.

Jesse Kelly is a rabid DeSantis supporter.

This is spot on and Jesse’s rage is justified. I feel the same. Why should we be out here every day exposing the corrupt rot at DOJ/FBI only to hear about Trump’s plans to build a new FBI HQ CLOSER TO DOJ?

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