New South Wales will open for vaccinated, others go to prison if they try to go anywhere


The New South Wales Government has threatened to imprison unvaccinated people who attempt to enter venues. The new orders will limit entry to vaccinated persons only.

There will be freedom only for the vaccinated.

Businesses were warned they will be required to immediately report any instance of an unvaccinated person attempting or gaining entry to their establishment to the police, or face legal consequences.

The government’s new system will link COVID vaccination status with QR Code check-ins at venues across the state, such as shops, restaurants, bars and pubs, gyms, and sporting and other entertainment venues.

COVID passports are seen by the government as an integral part of its ‘road map’ forward, as the state begins to open up after months of lockdowns in Greater Sydney.

Many businesses don’t want to police vaccination passports so in response, the Minister told them to call the police on anyone who fails to use the QR check-in, or who enters premises without being vaccinated.

That won’t go over very well either.

So, from what we are hearing from recent studies, vaccinated people are spreading Delta more than the unvaccinated. What will they do when that becomes apparent?

This is the Western World’s Great Reset, baby.


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