Trans Association Lowers Age of Transition to As Young as 8 Years


The self-appointed standard setters of trans people have lowered the ages for gender blockers and body mutilation. These are the people who set the standards. However, as controversial as they are and have been, perhaps they are not the people to do it? They are accused of not accepting varied opinions.

CBS News has accepted them as “a leading transgender health association.”

Awfully young for sexualization?
The trans association announced this week it lowered its recommended minimum age for starting gender transition treatment, including sex hormones and surgeries.

“The World Professional Association for Transgender Health said hormones could be started at age 14, two years earlier than the group’s previous advice, and some surgeries done at age 15 or 17, a year or so earlier than previous guidance. The group acknowledged potential risks but said it is unethical and harmful to withhold early treatment.”

They claim input from 3,000 doctors and social scientists who specialize as trans experts. But, as we know, large numbers of people can be wrong.

The organization has moved the recommended age for beginning hormones to “change genders” from 16 to just 14 years old. And the age for cutting healthy breasts off female children is moved from 16 to 15.

They also recommend starting trans children as young as 8 years old on puberty blockers.

“The blockers can weaken bones, and starting them too young in children assigned males at birth might impair sexual function in adulthood, although long-term evidence is lacking,” the Associated Press reports.

It can also make children infertile.

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