New York bill lets Cuomo ‘detain’ ‘carriers’ or ‘contacts’ of contagious illness


We already reported this on December 30th but thought it deserved to be posted again!

On January 6, New York Assemblymen will vote on a bill that will authorize the Governor and/or health officials to seize custody of New Yorkers, imprison, and force vaccinate them without due process.

And no, it’s not constitutional, and it deprives New Yorkers of their inherent rights.

The bill, introduced by Assemblyman Nick Perry (District 58), is titled A-416 “An Act To Amend the public health law, in relation to removal of cases, contacts, and carriers of communicable diseases who are potentially dangerous to the public health.”

This legislation calls New Yorkers “contacts or carriers,” robbing them of their humanity.

The law allows the Governor and/or his/her appointed toady to order the removal and detention of every person the Governor or the appointee determines they are a “significant and imminent threat to public health.”


They have already convinced people that you are a murderer if you walk around with a contagious anything. The next logical step is to put the potential murderers in detention.

They are only freed from detention – arbitrarily – when the health department determines the person is “no longer is or will become contagious.”

There is no explicit standard. It’s all vague and amorphous. The bill gives them enormous latitude.

The targets will be detained for up to five days before receiving any due process, possibly from corrupt judges in New York (it’s a crapshoot) if they formally request it.

Health Department officials suddenly have this power to detain people in some facility.

Oh, and there is no trial.

Call your state lawmakers and be strong.

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