New York City Is a Democrat Hellhole


New York’s becoming Hell with all our loosey-goosey bail laws and a District Attorney who ignores most laws. We also have a million illegal aliens in NYC – a half million came in since 2020. Who knows how many are criminals? Homeless, mentally ill drug addicts are everywhere. Soros-funded District Attorney Alvin Bragg said we’d see that his policies would work. How many people must get hurt or die before this clown sees they don’t work?

We’re also making it a safe haven for trans people. What could go wrong?

In an article published Saturday, the New York Post cited New York City Police Department (NYPD) data that assaults on New York City police have risen 32%.

“From Jan. 1 to March 31, citywide, 1,251 on- and off-duty cops were hurt by people using physical force against them, compared to 949 in the first quarter of 2022,” the outlet said.

Of the various injuries officers suffered, 1,179 of them were recorded as minor. However, nearly 50 of them were deemed “substantial” and required the victim to go to a hospital for medical attention.

You’re not even allowed to defend yourselves in New York City. Consider the cases of Daniel Penny and Jordan Williams.

There is a lot of savagery in NYC. For example, a man walking his dogs savagely stabbed another couple’s pet puppy to death after the trio started to argue in Central Park Saturday. The couple didn’t know the man, but he’s on the lam.

The city is collapsing into anarchy. It’s now a Democrat Hellhole like most Democrat cities. Their pro-criminal policies don’t work.


Listen to this disrespectful woman:

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