New York City Is Completely Out of Control


Twitch star Kai Cenat advertised that he was giving away free PS5 games and the crowd started a riot. Cenat 21 has 20 million followers.

The police are looking for the young teens who started the trouble. The kids below are six of the eight worst agitators.

The NY Post reported:

Footage of the incident shows one teen leaping on top of the parked cop car and dancing while others are seen taking turns kicking its doors and windows.

The riot led to 66 arrests after the mega-social-media influencer’s unsanctioned giveaway sparked the chaos and ended with him being charged with inciting a riot and unlawful assembly — then freed on a desk-appearance ticket.

“We are further looking into where there’s some even outside agitators,” Mayor Eric Adams said Saturday — while also blaming parents for not making sure their kids were not part of Friday’s violence.

“You don’t come to get free Game Boys and bring smoke bombs and bring M80s and bring other disrupted items,” Hizzoner said.

“We believe there were some outside influencers that may have attempted to aggravate the situation,” Adams said without elaborating.

The PR firm responsible for the giveaway apologized. Mayor Eric Adams praised the police handling of the violent confrontation.

We have a lot of ill-bred children starting trouble with no one able to address it appropriately. Where are their parents? This doesn’t bode well for the future.

America’s priorities are terrible. It’s not the country i grew up in.

These nasty children beat an innocent vendor.

They seem nice.

The City is out of control. Don’t come for a visit.

If you’re Asian and thinking of riding the subway, call Uber instead.

Please, no racist comments!

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