New York City is going to the rats, literally


New York City continues its rapid decline into third world status as rats encroach on the people.

In Morningside Heights, New York City, a Chipotle restaurant closed after it was overrun by rodents the size of small cats.

It shut down last month after the rats chewed through the computer system’s wiring, which handles customer orders.

Four employees were bitten by the horrid little creatures who dine in the backroom.

On Tuesday, employee Luis Gustavo Paulino Ruiz said he was attacked by one of the rats after being sent in by managers to clean the store.

“You come to work but are afraid that when you open certain kinds of foods or move boxes, something will jump out,” Paulino Ruiz said in a statement to his union. He contends that the restaurant should have hired an exterminator.

The Daily Mail posted photos of a manhandling one of them. Another shows a partially eaten avocado.

Employees say they’ve been killing dozens since the summer.

Chipotle says there is a pest problem in the larger area.

The larger area is New York City.

They have overtaken Central Park and compete for food with outside diners.

Communist leaders are destroying new York City. Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio are unnecessarily closing indoor dining again on Monday, destroying them. As if that isn’t enough, de Blasio said the restaurants have to move their outside dining environments off the street to plow the snow.

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