New York City Update – Flooded and a Mess


It’s raining a lot in New York City.

Billions went to New York during COVID, and billions went out to climate change, Black Lives Matter rioters who sued, ad campaigns for trans people, necessities and luxuries for people coming illegally, and other agenda items. Where the money didn’t go was to repair the subway leaks, clean storm drains, and update infrastructure, especially infrastructure to pump out water.

At least Ukraine and most other countries in the world have US tax dollars.

It’s not as if we haven’t been flooded before, and there weren’t plenty of warnings. We pump a lot of money into the MTA, but we hear it’s top-heavy with management, so why aren’t they managing? We hear the workers don’t have enough equipment, so why don’t we send illegal crossers home and pay for the equipment they need?

Where’s the money for the things the government is actually supposed to do?

The city officials are trying to blame climate change. It’s raining – a lot – and that has happened in New York City before.

We’re not even a Third World country, maybe 4th or 5th. People with any sense have to get out. The joke is that the rents are $4,000 a month for a tiny apartment with one bedroom in a so-so neighborhood.

The sea lions had a good time. The sea lions and all the animals are perfectly safe. The zoo is closed. Some people are putting up fake photos of sharks swimming in the streets.

Wear your boots to go shopping.

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