We Give You the “Amazing” Hillary Clinton! Just Ask Fox!


Video emerged Thursday of former Bush spokesperson Dana Perino speaking at a Clinton Global Initiative session. Shortly before this event, Fox News announced that she would moderate the second GOP debate with Stuart Varney and an anti-Republican Columbian girl.

Independent journalist of The Dossier, Jordan Schachtel, posted a clip on X that showed Perino referring to the former senator and secretary of state as “amazing.”

Most Republicans see Hillary as an amazing liar and election manipulator, but we don’t think that is what Mrs. Perino meant.

According to Deadline, the session moderated by Perino was called “Journalism on the Front Lines” and covered the topic of “protecting freedom of the press.”

Deadline doesn’t like conservatives.

Mr. Schachtel said on his substack, “Last night’s Fox News-Univision hosted debate was beyond bizarre, with the moderators at a supposedly right-wing news network curiously advancing leftist talking points instead of asking questions that are relevant to conservative Americans.”

That was true! We don’t know what Fox is doing, but it seems like they want to double down on collapsing the network’s appeal.

It could explain the juvenile questions that did a disservice to the candidates. The Univision gal was very angry, and Stuart seemed confused at times. They didn’t ask Ron DeSantis a single question for the first six minutes. Do you get the sense that they are gunning for Republicans instead of supporting them?

Perhaps they let it run amok, and amok it did run, to make the Republicans look bad? Trump’s failure to attend was the best thing he could have done.

Simply Amazing, Watch!

Why would she ask the ridiculous question in the next clip? Gov. DeSantis put her in check. And no one asked a question about COVID – did you notice? Republicans, especially Ron DeSantis, were right on the issue.

Does anyone find it ironic that the only person who colluded with Russian operatives in 2016 was Hillary Clinton and her allies?

She was all over the Durham Report without being named. Now, Donald Trump is suing her dossier pal Christopher Steele. We hope her connection becomes more explicit in the case.

All that happened to Hillary for her corruption during the 2016 election was a fine that her campaign paid for her. She was only fined for not properly disclosing the money they spent on controversial opposition research that led to the infamous Trump-Russia dossier. [They lied and covered it up.]

Victor Davis Hanson spoke to Mark Levin about Hillary Clinton and her allies colluding with Russian operatives through Charles Dolan.

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