New Yorker gives a platform to terrorist Professor who tells people to blow up pipelines


Andreas Malm, an extreme climate activist and senior lecturer at Lund University in Sweden, has a new book titled “How to Blow Up a Pipeline.”

But, according to The New Republic, it’s not as if he’s telling you how to blow up a pipeline. Instead, he’s only telling you why you should.

The lunatic insists that the climate movement rethink its roots in nonviolence.

Malm advocates for the “intelligent sabotage” of fossil-fuel infrastructure to prevent more carbon from being emitted in the atmosphere. “I am in favor of destroying machines, property—not harming people. That’s a very important distinction,” he tells Remnick.

Oh, is that all.

On Long Island, we used to have ELF groups. They burned down new homes because they objected to the development of areas of Suffolk County, Long Island. They eventually realized they’d end up in jail. So, they joined groups like The Sierra Club and radicalized them.


The New Yorker gave this lunatic a platform. They hosted Andreas Malm on their podcast, where he promoted “intelligent sabotage.”

In the podcast, Malm emphasized “a call for escalation, a call for the movement to diversify its tactics and move away from an exclusive focus on polite, gentle and perfectly peaceful civil disobedience.”

“I am recommending that the movement continues with mass action and civil disobedience, but also opens up for property destruction,” Malm said.

He’s advocating for criminal behavior, but he won’t be the person arrested. Instead, he’ll sit back and collect the royalties on his book. He will do it while some poor dupe ends up in prison for axing a pipeline.

While Malm, a human ecology professor at Lund University, does not dismiss peaceful demonstrations and does not condone hurting people, he emphasized that destroying private property would not be “morally illegitimate.”

“If people in that region were to attack the construction equipment or blow up the pipeline before it’s completed, I would be all in favor of that. I don’t see how that property damage could be considered morally illegitimate given what we know of the consequence of such projects,” Malm said.

It’s immoral. Don’t let these sociopaths become the arbiters of morality. Speak out against them.

Need I add that he is a self-described socialist [communist really]. He writes for the Jacobin.

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2 years ago

Liberals are a Danger to civilized society. They truly believe they are superior to others. When they can’t “get their way” they are prone to violence, i.e. terrorism. It wasn’t Conservatives burning down cities in the Summer of 2020, it was Liberals. America’s Liberal Colleges are creating these Terrorist and the Administrators and Professors promoting Terrorism belong in prison for incitement to riot and violence!

It’s interesting that Liberals want to label all supporters of President Trump as Terrorist, but Liberal Colleges are training Terrorist with Government Backed Loans that we pay for. We need to Defund the Liberal Terrorist Training Camps in America.

Across the Fruited Plain of Freedom
Across the Fruited Plain of Freedom
2 years ago

Neo-Luddites? I thought the “progressive” were highly evolved enlightened beings on the way to godlike status with transhumanism.
Going back to the primitive is a feature and not a bug with the control freaks and their minions.
El Rushbo saw right through when he said the issue is never the issue with leftoids and would point out regarding some best case scenario pertaining to the environment that they would still not be happy because the real goal is more control over others.

(h/t-El Rushbo)