New Zealand Ruler Calls Internet Freedom “a Weapon of War”


New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Adhern calls Internet freedom “a weapon of war.” The authoritarian ruler, intoxicated with power, spouted her left-wing views as truth not to be denied.

Her sense of self-importance and righteousness leads her to believe she has all the answers and dissent must not be allowed.

This is fascism. It is the face of the new authoritarianism. Don’t be fooled by her appearance or presentation. the woman is very dangerous.

We saw how she handled COVID. She thinks she has the right to put her people in quarantine camps. Adhern even kept her citizens from returning to New Zealand. One reporter was stranded in Afghanistan.

New Zealand’s face of fascistic censorship. It’s not the right thing to do.

Censorship only increases distrust in authority. Arguments need to be won with facts and logic. That can only be done with free speech in a free society. No side has all the answers.


New Zealand has a chief censor named Caroline Flora who decides unilaterally what can be said, written, or thought about. She can even imprison people for thought crimes. She has a full staff to assist.

The censors operate within the government but follow very specific rules to classify videos and text they deem harmful to certain audiences. Or, in the most extreme cases, the censor can deem content – be it online, on air, or in print – as completely objectionable. If they do so, anyone caught broadcasting, reading, or sharing the content can be jailed for up to 14 years.

There’s no downplaying the power behind the role’s job title, “chief censor.”

The role’s scope covers every form of media, from the notes that warn “scenes may scare very young children” on the PG-rated movie Happy Feet to terrorist propaganda hosted on the dark web.

The censor’s office includes 22 full-time staffers.


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