Five Fast Facts You Need to Know About the Global Climate Summit



“The Paris climate conference or COP21 should be seen as one of the first stations on a much longer journey,” according to Climate Change News. In other words, this is only the beginning of global governance.

  1. Obama wants a global government body(-ies) to oversee the climate change pacts and the dispersal of funds. He has already pledged $3 billion US taxpayer dollars to the cause of underdeveloped nations while we have to borrow 40 cents on every dollar, but it’s only the beginning. Corrupt dictators in undeveloped countries will receive the money.
  2. There will be a deal that will not be presented to Congress. The administration has indicated that they will move ahead with this treaty as if it were an agreement. Republicans have warned the UN that the president does not have the power to act alone. “Congress and more than half of the states have already made clear that he won’t be speaking for us,” according to a McConnell opinion column posted on The Washington Post’s website.
  3. The primary goal is to put together climate “mitigation” commitments and they want them to be legally binding. They hope to secure worldwide cuts to emissions of heat-trapping gases to limit the rise of global temperatures to about another 2 degrees from now but the eventual goal is zero carbon. The steps Obama has taken and plans to take will hurt the economy, shutter coal plants and eliminate jobs in power-producing states.
  4. The second goal is to decide on the finance mechanism. The globalists want the GEF (Global Environment Facility) to become the financial instrument of the Convention. The hope is to corner the “rich” nations to provide the funding. The “rich” nations, mostly the US, have already agreed to an initial investment of $100 billion but COP21 will be “catalyzing resources beyond this. After all, the investment challenge is huge”, Climate Change News reported.
  5. Obama hopes countries like China and India who are responsible for high levels of  ever-increasing pollution will step up.

One of the recommendations requires the government to integrate climate resilience planning criteria in all federal programs, such as those that provide transportation funding, “to ensure these projects will last as long as intended.”That will redirect all funds to the climate change agenda so Obama doesn’t have to worry about securing funding from the Republican Congress. The agenda will be insidiously and permanently interwoven throughout every executive agency.

This pact goes well beyond climate and into every facet of our lives including education, energy, healthcare. It represents a tremendous loss of freedom to a global government.

John Podesta
John Podesta

“I believe the president will complete actions. It is a top priority of his and I don’t believe they can stop us,” White House counselor and socialist John Podesta mockingly told reporters on a conference call earlier this year. “Not withstanding Sen. McConnell making this a top priority to leave the status quo, to leave the air dirtier.”

At recent climate summit events, much lauded in the news and by the White House, the Communist agenda was clear.