The Story of the Pedophile Flag


Minor Attracted Persons or MAPS is a euphemism for pedophiles. Rumor has it that the LGBT Pride community will include pedophiles or Minor Attracted Persons. Representatives of the community say they will never consider adding them to their community.

However, the LGBT community needs to reconsider puberty blockers and mutilating the bodies of young children. Also, Drag Queens shouldn’t be sexualizing children. New York attorney general Letitia James is organizing a Drag Queen readathon for children under 12. That’s the kind of thing that leads to rumors.

Some MAPS want in on the LGBT+ PRIDE community. They allegedly have a flag. Although SNOPES denies they have a flag. They say it’s just the work of a troll.

MAPS flag

The PRIDE flags can be found here.

According to SNOPES, the far-left fact checker, Pedophiles did not coin the term “minor-attracted persons” (or MAPS) to rebrand themselves in 2018 in order to gain entry to the LGBT community.

In one part of the explanation, SNOPES writes…

The Prevention Project, an organization that helps minor-attracted persons find professional treatment, explicitly denied that the term “MAPs” was an attempt to “rebrand” pedophiles. Rather, they explained that this term was preferred as a broader reference that could accurately encompass hebephiles, pedophiles, and ephebephiles:

The term minor is defined as anyone under the age of 18. Therefore, someone attracted to a 14 year old is actually called an ephebephile not a pedophile. Someone attracted to a 13 year old is called a hebephile. Pedophiles are attracted to 6-12 year old children; not teens. Hence why we accurately use the term “Minor Attracted Person” when we discuss providing treatment to men and women with attractions to various ages of minors. We are not trying to “soften the term” or “rebrand” pedophilia to fit in with certain groups. We treat individuals who are attracted to various ages of minors, thus it is accurate to use the term “minor attracted person.”

Just the fact that they are trying to minimize pedophilia with teens, who are children, is an attempt to legitimize pedos.

An LGBT member denies…

Lady McAllen, an LGBT member, explains in the clip below that she could speak for the community, and no one in her community wants pedophiles. Lady McAllen condemned pedos in the Catholic Church and dishonest Christians for the propaganda. Blame the Christians.

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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
11 months ago

The American culture must reject all types of paedophilia; It is evil & damaging.
Any sane counselor who has provided counseling for Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse can tell of the horrors that such men and women live for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately I have personally witnessed the damage and talked with survivors who even late in life still have almost daily nightmares of the past. Like Adult Children of Alcoholics there are a variety of patterns into which the survivors fall. Many are never able to have what most of us consider a normal family life.
It has been estimated that one paedophile abuses an average of 70 children.
And it is not just the victim that suffers, but often the immediate family and then later in life any new family of which they become a part.
With proper help, and for me that means Christian counseling, they can learn to put away their guilt (yes, the abusers make them feel guilty to manipulate them) and become dedicated members of society.

What puzzles me is that so many Americans accept the idea that we should accept whatever some sociopaths claim is their “life choice” even to the harm of others.

John Vieira
John Vieira
11 months ago

There is an epidemic…of “sicko’s”…