Newsmax Is Being Pulled from Major Cable Carriers


Newsmax, the conservative cable news network, starting December 31, is going to be pulled off pay-TV cable, including Atlantic Broadband, Central Pennsylvania’s Blue Ridge Communications, Cincinnati Bell, and Hargray Communications.

Is it censorship?

Last February, House Democrats pressured TV carriers to stop hosting Fox, OAN, and Newsmax. Leftists, who network with groups like MoveOn, continually call networks and ask them to drop these three channels.

Conservative network One America News Network (OAN) has just been pulled from Direct TV.

Newsmax said in a statement, “Despite our high ratings with personalities like Greg Kelly, Eric Bolling, Sean Spicer, Lyndsay Keith, Dick Morris, Alan Dershowitz, and more — it is clear that Blue Ridge doesn’t like Newsmax’s point of view.”

OAN still has Verizon FiOS as a major carrier left while Newsmax is still on the base tiers of DirecTV Stream, Direct TV, the Dish Network, and Sling TV.

Atlantic Broadband said in a statement, “While we worked in good faith to negotiate a new agreement, Newsmax insisted on unreasonable terms and conditions that would have resulted in increased TV fees for all Atlantic Broadband customers even though Newsmax is available for free for other viewers… This is unfair to Atlantic Broadband customers, including those who enjoy the channel. Because we could not reach a new agreement, the channel is no longer offered on our lineup.”

Is that the case or is it censorship? It’s hard to believe that Newsmax wouldn’t work with them. Knowing how the negotiations went would be interesting.

Newsmax supported Trump and the Left wants them gone before 2024.

The Streamable reports:

It’s uncertain if the carriage disruptions are part of an expiration of a master carriage deal with the National Cable TV Cooperative (NCTC) or due to the fact that Newsmax has been accused of supporting former president Donald Trump’s “Big Lie.” Many people, like progressives and media watchdog groups, have recommended pay-TV operators drop channels that support this dangerous narrative.

Either way, Newsmax seems to be in trouble in one form or another.

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3 months ago

I use Direct TV and can see both OAN and Newsmax right now. Neither seems to have any issues.

Angus Bill
Angus Bill
4 months ago

The hard truth is that every single DemocRAT is an Enemy to the American people. Don’t be snookered by the fact that every once in a while you hear a DemocRAT accusing their own party of being “too noisy” and never believe in any of their apologies. They will simply tell you what you want to hear like some used car salesman.

Never ever trust a Communist (DemocRAT) and never ever forgive them for the destruction they have bestowed upon this once great nation.

Americans vs Communists (DemocRATs)

5 months ago

Newsmax wanted a softer approach to Psaki.

Ben Colder
Ben Colder
5 months ago

We got a ROKU stick a while back best thing we ever did there are so many to watch and you don’t have to buy a thing unless you want to .We have not paid for any extra look around you can nearly always find what you want and don’t have to pay for cable its so much better.I bought a local tv antena that hangs on the wall if you want the liberal local stations very seldom watch the local they are far out lefties

5 months ago

As long as we accept this treatment…these double standards…we deserve the abuse.