Newsom comes for Cali’s ketchup, leaf blowers, toys-adds Aztec gods


An empowered Gavin Newsom, feeling reinvigorated from his big success in beating down the recall, is going for full communism.

He’s the worst thing since Castor Oil.

Newsom signed the hate-whitey ethnic studies curriculum that has children praying to an Aztec god who takes human sacrifices.  More than 74 Jewish groups pleaded with him not to sign the bill because it’s racist, but he couldn’t care less about what they think.

He signed that bill and about 100 others, thumbing his nose at his critics.

Besides the ethnic studies required for high school graduation, he ordered large retailers to offer gender-neutral children’s products such as toys and toothbrushes. Restaurants are banned from providing unsolicited single-use condiment packets and utensils. He wants to get rid of gas-powered lawnmowers and leaf-blowers.

He’s passing unnecessary regulations on businesses because he can and he’s crazy.

Newsom is after his residents’ freedom.

Randy Economy, former senior adviser and spokesperson for the recall campaign, said the “only thing that has changed since the recall election is that Gavin Newsom has doubled down on lunacy.”

They pointed to AB 1276, which prohibits restaurants under penalty of fines from providing single-use plastic packets of ketchup, mustard, and other condiments, as well as single-use utensils such as forks, chopsticks, and coffee-stirrers, unless requested by customers.

Senate Minority Leader Scott Wilk argued in a Sept. 15 letter to the governor that there are “far more pressing issues facing California at this time than limiting soy sauce or hot sauce packets.”

“Forced closures, outside seating, and minimal indoor capacity have left many restaurants teetering on the edge,” Mr. Wilk said. “Adding mandates and imposing fines at this time, as this bill proposes, would make it that much harder for these businesses to recover.”

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Back to the Primivite
Back to the Primivite
2 years ago

He is part of the Pelosi crime family which is just a subunit of the globalist crime family.
An uncle moved out there before I was even born and became rich beyond wildest imaginations with hard work and entrepreneurial spirit, he was shocked on the state of Los Angeles upon returning after bucket listing around the world on a yacht.
The CPUSA will make sure no one ever makes any fortunes ever again and I am thankful that I got to visit Orange County back in the 1980’s before the Long Marching horde of Marxist locusts destroyed the place.
They will fan out now and destroy what is left of the republic, (s)elections have consequences.

2 years ago

Come on, man! It was obvious the minute that the D party turned back efforts to remove Governor Hairpiece from office that he would become, officially, Emperor Newsom. There was nothing in the world, no vote, no legislative nor judicial effort that could keep him from giving way to whatever flight of fancy entered his mind. He’s also confident that when everything goes to S*, his buds in the US congress will bail his butt out.