US Freedom Flyers Take a Stand for Freedom


Transportation workers led by airline pilots have banded together to speak out against forced medical procedures — the vaccine mandate.

Their website explains who they are:

“We are a group of transportation professionals representing the air, rail, and trucking industries who are spearheading efforts to protect medical health freedom. Our goal is to push back against the US government’s threats of vaccine mandates for private businesses. We know this effort is not simply a matter of employees versus companies, but citizens opposing illegal and tyrannical mandates by the US government.”

The video from the group dubbed the US Freedom Flyers helps explain the recent revolt by employees of Southwest Air.


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1 year ago

Pilots, especially younger Pilots, have a lot to risk in taking an unproven and definitely flawed “so called vaccine” that is proving to be a poor substitute for a Flu Shot! The problem is the Government doesn’t have the moral authority to mandate a shot, but business wants more power too. If a company can mandate a vaccine then they can mandate anything. NO ONE should be compelled by a Government or a Business to put anything in your body, much less an unproven drug. Any drug not in wide spread use for 10 years is unproven.

Poor RIchard
1 year ago

So then, do passengers still need the face diaper and vaccine passport?

The WAR of ALL Against ALL
The WAR of ALL Against ALL
1 year ago

There won’t be enough KGB/STASI/FIB agents to go after everyone, that’s what the replacements and hasty troop withdrawal was about.

John Vieira
John Vieira
1 year ago

The people that “put” XiJoey in office will not be pleased!!!