Newsom has no intention of re-opening Cali any time soon


Far-far-left Governor Newsom of California wants to redesign his state as the embodiment of climate change infrastructure. The virus is the perfect excuse to give the state a complete leftist overhaul. He has no intention of opening any time soon and has no date in mind.

With 35,000 cases, only 1300 deaths, and tests showing a good percentage of Californians acquired immunity, Newsom thinks he should keep businesses shut down for the foreseeable future. He’s in no hurry, and his plans for re-opening include climate change structural changes.

Newsom appointed Climate lunatic Tom Steyer as the co-chair of his economic recovery task force. Steyer, who wants to eliminate fossil fuels entirely, might see this as an opportunity to push his ideology.

NBC (Bay Area) reported that Newsom said on Wednesday there is no date to ease coronavirus shelter-at-home restrictions and reopen California’s economy. He six indicators for reopening the state have yet to be realized.

His six indicators are impossible to reach any time soon.

The governor said he had a phone conversation with President Donald Trump, and the two agreed to significantly increase testing across California, with hundreds of thousands of new swabs coming and 86 new testing sites opening.

In his remarks about testing, which is the first of the six indicators, Newsom said the state has set a goal to test 60,000 to 80,000 people a day. Currently, about 16,000 coronavirus tests are being conducted daily, he said.

Newsom has made it clear that when the opening does happen, it will be a slow reopening, most likely not like Georgia, which has allowed all nail salons, barbershops, massage, and tattoo parlors to reopen starting Friday and dine-in restaurants and movie theaters starting Monday.

The spokeswoman for the Santa Clara County Public Health Department has decided she has the right to tell people they can’t drive around.

“We can see (Highway) 101, and there are way too many cars on there,” the tyrant, county spokeswoman Marianna Moles said. “And unless a lot more people just became essential workers, you all are bending the rules a little bit.”

Bending the rules to go out for a drive???

Californians are still being told they cannot leave their homes or work unless it’s “essential.”

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Dictatorship Of The Broletariat
Dictatorship Of The Broletariat
3 years ago

The peoples republic of California will be the model for the rest of the country as part of The Great Leap Forward redux.
Babsy Streisand should redo her people song and make it the anthem of the glorious utopia.
The dumbing down is so complete that comrades of the collective don’t even ask if the Fundamental Transformation is even worse than that mean ol’ capitalism.
Give the people what they want…hard and fast.

3 years ago

It isn’t just Newsom in California. It’s all of the Democrat governors in all of the Leftist states. Cuomo is a great example of another power-drunk despot economically murdering his state just to strengthen his already iron grip on Liberty…to maintain power and control. It’s sad. And the serfs in their states will happily reelect them. If not, the election fraud will kick-in and solve the problem. We’ve allowed them to entrench themselves pretty well.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
3 years ago

It’s the Alinsky takedown plan, they cannot let this go to waste. They want more concessions from Mitch, which is likely. Trump is held hostage, he will have to approve anything Mitch approves.

The best strategy is to let California burst internally, give it no more money. Trump can never win the state anyways. More money merely encourages more waste and corruption. Watch as other states open up and prosper. Californians need to be outraged to act.

3 years ago
Reply to  The Prisoner

The problem is that the Leftist states find ways to ensure they continue to receive Federal aid…so your de-funding plan SHOULD work…but never does.

Francis W. Porretto
3 years ago

A totalitarian will always want everything to be by-official-permission-only. That’s the quickest way to detect a totalitarian. Gavin Newsom has just tested positive. Maybe we should quarantine him.

Timmy Seventy-Five (@TimmySeventy)

A state that can’t cover their pensions sure as hell can’t afford the 100’s of billions in lawsuit settlements paid to the state’s citizens that they’re sure to win since bad faith enters the picture. People are devastated, and they’re going to intentionally drag their feet in providing the relief that getting back to normalcy allows? But then, lawsuits are exceedingly slow in movement, so stock up on popcorn, for the Day of the Rope nears. When people are left with nothing to lose, they also have nothing left to protect. And for people with nothing to protect, the consequences of their actions become little of their concern.