Newt on ‘fascism’ in America and the ‘fight to the death’


Mark Levin explained exactly what is going on in this country during his Fox show last night, Life, Liberty, and Levin. You can watch his accurate portrayal of our current situation on this link.

Newt Gingrich was on the show after the monologue and talked with Levin about the literal takeover of our country by the Marxist Left. An example he gave is one of the latest DoJ lawsuits. He said that when the state of Texas moved to protect the border, the Biden administration sued them to allow more illegal immigration.

The government is doing it deliberately to bring in people who are not assimilated. We are now getting a large influx from all over the world, such as Ghana. They will vote for Democrats.

We don’t know where they are going or who they are. They have no time to assimilate into our culture, and that’s the goal.

In four years, Democrats [following the Soros open borders plan] will have brought in 7 or 9 million people, Gingrich estimates. It’s a wealth redistribution to the Democrat Party.

For example, the teachers’ union gives $200 million to the Democrat Party and they are people who don’t want to show up and teach.

Gingrich pointed out that we have union allies, big city machines, and very big corporations that resemble Italian fascism in many ways as they become one with the Biden administration.

It’s fascist. For example, Biden has suggested the Big Corps might do a better job of policing the American people.


Biden’s instituting fascism and it’s very dangerous. The corporate oligarchs are very dangerous to American freedom, Newt believes.

They are moving quickly to push the Marxist agenda.


The House Republicans understand this is a fight to the death and Democrats want to destroy the US we know, but the Senate Republicans want comity and bipartisanship. They won’t fight back.

Newt finds it stunning that Speaker Pelosi is now a dictator, putting all power in her office, one person.

The totally phony bipartisanship, obvious with the infrastructure bill, will become a major issue in primaries. This could equal the revolt after the Panama Canal was given away and a generation of politicians were wiped out. [Several of the GOP who are voting for this bill are retiring and don’t care]


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