NFL & Pepsi Hate Cops! Eminem Kneels, Pathetic Performances by Cop Haters – UPDATE


Update: The NFL DID KNOW Eminem was going to kneel and was fully supportive of it.

“We watched all elements of the show during multiple rehearsals this week and were aware that Eminem was going to do that,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told ESPN after the incident.


All the performers at today’s halftime show have sung violent, anti-police lyrics in many of their songs. It’s a disgrace that these are the people selected to perform at halftime. Their music is corrupting the culture. Pepsi is a disgrace for sponsoring it. Snoop Dog starred in his own Trump assassination porn video. The NFL and Pepsi think Snoop now deserves to perform at halftime.

Dr. Dre sang an anti-cop lyric and Eminem knelt.

There was sexual anarchy during the very unhealthy show with the 50¢ dancing sexpots. The all-American Super Bowl is now a disgusting, sexual perversion of music with a lot of noise by no-talent cop haters.

I remember when halftime was wholesome.

There wasn’t any diversity with only one white guy who thinks he’s black. That would be Eminem. Eminem was told not to kneel but the dirtbag cop-hating, America hater did it anyway.

UGH! Not appropriate!

Bad singing, uninventive choreography, and I have no idea what Dre said but that’s probably a good thing. It’s all about him apparently. All the dancers had ‘Dre Day’ emblazoned across their sashes and Dre kept singing about ‘Dre Day,’ the only words I caught.

Later I learned it was an anti-cop lyric. This confirms that the NFL and Pepsi hate the police.


Mary Blige was about the best but the song wasn’t good.

This is repping and whatever this is, it’s awful.

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