Nickelodeon is pushing hard on transgenderism with youth


Nickelodeon is pushing hard for transgenderism among the very young. It’s one thing to teach people to be accepting of people who are different, and quite another to push it with young people who are just learning about their identities naturally. It’s a confusing time as it is.

What Nickelodeon is doing is so perverse, so extreme, that it is no less than indoctrination.

Transgenderism is not natural. It’s gender dysphoria. We now have an HHS assistant secretary who is a transgender pushing dangerous drugs and surgeries for children who need to grow according to nature.

Radical transgender Michael D. Cohen wants to convince youth that this is normal and they too can pick another gender.

You are not anti-transgender refusing to expose your child to it when they are developing as pre-teens and teens. It’s not anti-transgender to believe it’s not normal, and something you don’t want to stick on your child at an early age.

If the Left wants to think it is, so be it, but we must speak up and speak out, and stick with what we believe is right. There is science to back up different opinions on the issue.

“It’s really important to celebrate International Trans Day of Visibility,” Cohen told young viewers Wednesday. “Because the more the world understands, is aware of, and supports people of trans experience, the more empowered this community will be to have our rights and to have what we deserve and to be equal like everybody else.”

“I’m proud to be a part of the trans community because we are united by a common pursuit of our own personal truth,” continued Cohen, who played a character named Schwoz in the show “Henry Danger,” which aired from 2014 to 2020. “There are most likely people of trans experience in your school, your community, friends, family. You can support them by standing up against bullying, cheering them on as they express themselves.”

“Be true to yourself as you are,” Cohen concluded. “You’re really important. Don’t compromise. And believe in your dreams. Know that you have people like myself and other people in this community that are behind you, that support you, and believe in you.”


Nickelodeon and Cohen are pushing them with the lure of an acting gig:

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