Nikki Haley Is Allegedly Soaring After She Faceplanted on Free Speech


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Nikki Haley sounds more and more like a leftist. Now she’s talking about her “truth.” The other day, she talked about taking away Americans’ right to remain anonymous on social media. However, the press and polls claim she’s rising in the polls and has taken the number two spot.

They are really pushing for her. Donors want her, as does the Military Industrial Complex.

The Fox poll has her as a winner in the general election.

The new narrative is Nikki Haley will beat Biden in a landslide. She’s allegedly ten points ahead.

A new Emerson College Polling/WHDH poll of New Hampshire voters finds former President Donald Trump with 49% of voters’ support in the 2024 Republican Primary, consistent with his support in August. Unlike the August survey, a candidate reaches double digits this month: Nikki Haley, whose support increased 14 percentage points, from 4% in August to 18% this November.

NBC Politics writes:  Haley has started to rise, and “an increasing number of GOP donors who oppose former President Donald Trump see her as the best alternative,” write NBC’s Matt Dixon, Jonathan Allen, and CNBC’s Brian Schwartz. They report that some fundraisers who previously supported South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott have shifted their support to Haley since Scott dropped out of the race.

Here she is on immigration. We don’t need to reform the law. We need to follow the laws. She wants corporate donors to decide who comes into the country.

This is RealClearPolitics for Friday with Haley floundering in two polls, probably the ones that aren’t crooked:

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