Nikki Haley Just Got a Big Endorsement


We hear Nikki Haley is soaring in the polls and pulling some impressive endorsements. We don’t see it, but she did just get a big nod from the Republican hater, Jennifer Rubin. The Roanoke Poll has Haley at 10% and De Santis at 14%. The Messenger poll has her at 7% and DeSantis at 9%. Soaring, man. The establishment is trying to buy her some success but it’s not working.

The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin just endorsed candidate Nikki Haley. It’s more likely to hurt than help. Rubin is the Post’s fake conservative who holds no conservative positions, dedicating her columns to destroying Donald Trump and other Republicans. She’s also known for lies.

Jennifer Rubin

Rubin’s endorsement is the kiss of death, but she’s probably just answering the call. Globalist Jamie Dimon told Democrats to support her to give her a push so we don’t get Donald Trump. He just wants them to push her to the primary, not the election.

She also got Kevin McCarthy’s support, although he hasn’t officially endorsed her. He’ll go with the winner for selfish reasons.

The Koch network now hates Trump, and they are establishment, so they are pouring money into her losing campaign. It’s a waste of money unless they think it will propel her to VP in Donald Trump’s mind.

Donald is 77, and we must have a better candidate than Nikki Haley. She’s more Democrat than Republican.

The media is certainly pushing for her. They keep pretending she’s soaring in the polls. Most polls have her at 9%, and 12%, and one outlier had her at 18%. She can’t beat Ron DeSantis, but the media is hoping she can.

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Plato v2.0
Plato v2.0
3 months ago

Maggie Hag are you kidding me??? An endorsement of anyone by this hag is a strike amidships, 8 feet below the waterline with a 18 inch projectile!

3 months ago

Since she is supposed to be so popular, maybe she should run as a democrat. The establishment republicans turning against Trump, worry me. They are vindictive and may stay home during the November election. Democrats won’t have a primary because the think republicans will switch over to democrats to vote for Bozo over Biden. I know I would.