Nikki Haley’s Road Back as a Birdbrain Could Be Tough


The media claims that Nikki Haley’s road back to the GOP after taking on Donald Trump is tough. The media is blaming Donald Trump for all of it, but they left out the fact that she’s a birdbrain. Actually, she should have no road back.

The left-wing media can’t praise Haley enough. We need to listen to Democrats tell us who we should admire, and they want us to admire the “accomplished” Nikki Haley. She can beat Biden even though she came in second to “none of the above” in Nevada.

No matter how much the Uniparty lies and says they do, people don’t want Haley and her endless foreign wars. How many times do we have to go to war and accomplish less than nothing? We lose them all, and our soldiers and their families suffer.

Our border is wide open, and the enemy is here. The fifteen-year-old Venezuelan who shot a Brazilian woman in a store in Manhattan while robbing it was trying to kill the police officer. He told police he is not alone. The city is full of Venezuelan gangs.

Providing the war machine, Wall Street, and the Uniparty with riches is not in our best interests.

Haley talks about war with Russia, China, Iran, and whatever else I left out. Her husband is heavily invested in it.

“Our immigration system is broken. We need solutions that recognize America’s long tradition of welcoming legal immigrants while prioritizing American jobs and security. Watch this video for what we Stand For America believe are the solutions,” Haley blathers like a Democrat.

No, it’s not, and we don’t. Just follow the laws, and we’re good. Close the damn border. Reverse the Trump policies Biden reversed.

“We’re not a racist country…We’ve never been a racist country,”  Haley said.

“We were the only Indian family in our small southern town,” the Uniparty Republican said. “I was teased every day for being brown. So, anyone that wants to question it can go back and look at what I’ve said on how hard it was to grow up in the deep South as a brown girl.”

Her favorite forever wars company is Boeing. They’re her fairy godmother. If we go to war with China over Taiwan, she gets richer.


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