Senate War Bill Is Dead on Arrival in the House


As reported, the Uniparty voted for the $95 billion forever war bill. The bill funds both sides of the war with aid to Gaza/Hamas. It’s now up to the House to vote it down. Speaker Johnson already said it’s dead on arrival.

“National security begins at our own border. America deserves better than the Senate’s status quo,” Speaker Johnson said.

“I won’t attend negotiations on border legislation,” Johnson said, noting that the Senate isn’t doing enough to address his immigration concerns.

Chuck U Schumer wanted it, as did all the Democrats and their lapdog Republicans, so you know it’s bad. It funds Ukraine for three years, and any new president could be impeached if he tries to stop it. It’s filled with waste, nothing for the border but plenty for foreign wars.

We don’t want no more of your stinking wars! We’ve been trying to tell you this since Ross Perot. The enemy is pouring in through our own open border. These politicians are evil. Close the damn border.

Senator Mullin voted for it. Raytheon is one of the defense contractors that will make bank from this $95 BILLION foreign aid bill, which he invested in. Can we find similar connections among the Uniparty members who vote for it?


“Yeah, I’ve been up all night. Just finished some hour-long speech in the Senate,” said Sen. Mike Lee, “and having exhausted the roster of all senators eligible to speak who wanted to speak, it immediately called the vote. After I clocked out, they’re up, they’re voting right now. It appears destined to pass. This didn’t have to happen. [They did vote for it with the help of 22 Republicans.]

“It’s unfortunate that we had Senate Republicans turning on the commitment they made to each other, and to their voters and to our House Republican colleagues down the hall. There’ll be more opportunity to talk about that later, but in the meantime, I take some comfort in knowing that the Speaker is pronouncing it dead on arrival.”

We need Kari Lake for starters.

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