NJ Gov laughed, “I wasn’t thinking of the Bill of Rights when we did this”


Currently, if we don’t open the country up for business soon, we will have no economy to come back to and the country as we know it will collapse. There is no doubt about that. The liberal/leftist governors are talking about keeping governments closed through the summer and, in Gavin Newsom of California’s case, he wants to possibly keep Cali closed until there are no deaths. Last night, Tucker interviewed far-left Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey and his answers to Tucker’s questions were astounding.

Tucker continually asked him for the scientific basis for choosing essential or non-essential services when he decided what had to be shut down or not. For example, Carlson asked why liquor stores are not shut down but churches are. Murphy’s answers on every question did not involve science, data, research, or any of the facts the left claims are important to them.

The fact is that the lockdown did not stop the virus, it slowed it. A vaccine will take years if we get one at all, and the left doesn’t want us to use drugs that appear to work and are approved off label.


Referencing the constitution, Tucker asked him where he gets the authority to do that. Murphy said he has “broad authority” to do it and he consulted with leaders and church leaders. As to religion, he said, “we’ll have to find a different way to worship.”

Tucker asked, “By what authority did you nullify the Bill of Rights in this order, how do you have the power to do that?”

Murphy responded laughing, “That’s above my pay grade Tucker. I wasn’t thinking about the Bill of Rights when we did this.”

Are you concerned about the effects this will have on suicide rates and so on Tucker asked? Murphy claimed 3+ million would have been contracted the disease and he doesn’t doubt his decisions. Tucker explained that the numbers of predicted deaths are within the range of a flu season and asked if it affected his thinking. It does not.

Tucker exposed him for the fool he is and he didn’t even seem to know it.

This is what Democrats think they can do to you. If they control our health and they control our food, they control us.

Watch, it isn’t the entire exchange but it’s enough of it:



  1. “…..I wasn’t thinking…..” That the problem with these dems. They don’t think. They just blunder ahead and when things fail, and fail miserably, they try to lay the blame on anyone and anything else but themselves. They never take responsibility for their failures.

  2. No Democrat thinks about our rights when they do anything, write any bill or issue any edict. Unfortunately not enough Republicans think about our rights either.

  3. This from a group of people who put economics before the sanctity of human lives ? God save us from materialistic Republicans who have lost all ethics, morals and integrity.

    • You will find out what economics has to do with the sanctity of human lives if this country and the world go into deep economic depression.

  4. I’m hoping that the Democrap facists have jumped the gun on this and that November will see them suffering the wrath of the American people. The time is/was coming when a majority in America would tolerate what they’re doing and not vote them out at the first opportunity. I hope that time has not yet come. The November vote will be a rubicon for America. If we don’t vote the pro-globalist, One World Government proponents out in November, there will be no way to ever do it in the future.

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