NJ Teacher Describes 1st Grade Gender Lessons


The following is a brief description of the New Jersey health curriculum for first grade. One lesson is called ‘pink, blue, purple’ and goes through the ways that babies express their gender. The children are told you can feel like a girl if you have boy parts.

Also, there is the program Amaze. One of the videos talks about porn and says it’s okay. Another one is very graphic.

It’s an incremental perversion.


In this next clip, the trans teacher said that at birth, the doctor guesses the baby’s gender. Sometimes, the doctor is incorrect, the trans says. This person made these comments to K-2 grades.

It’s not normal to tell K-2 children they can be any gender they want, or that doctors guess the baby’s gender at birth.


Christopher Rufo fights to protect the children and has been deep into this issue. He recently posted a report explaining that 10% of school children are molested and groomed by their teachers.

You can read the 2014 non-partisan GAO report and the summary on this link.https://twitter.com/realchrisrufo/status/1512801920871657486?s=20&t=k0AmG5bjx3xDQLQmh-5bkQ

Then there is Disney. A granddaughter of Walt’s, Abigail Disney, is a fraud who not only wants radical transgenderism in Disney baby movies on up, but she wants more of them.

Corrections: A few errors were corrected after publication. The story was posted before proofing. We apologize.

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1 year ago

The mental disease, Gender Dysphoria, is cause by parents who already have Gender Issues. A baby under the age of two is basically a blank slate. If you don’t encourage their acceptance of their biological sex they will be miswired and their lives will be a mess.

We didn’t have the Gender Dysphoria issues 50 years ago when Society supported Men and Women. Men and Women are different. Liberals don’t like Strong Males because they can’t be controlled, so they began destroying the Nuclear Family by removing Men from the house. Without a Strong Father, Men don’t become Men and Women don’t become Women. It’s a good mom who gives children a heart and a good father who gives children a logical perspective of the World and how they fit into it. It all started with the 1970s Unisex Movement. Women burned their Bras and thought they didn’t need men. Now Woman can’t find a good husband because they don’t know how to be a wife. Real Men look for a good wife to compliment them and not a Partner. If you want a Partner then start a Business.

When I was a young boy I knew there was boys and girls before the age of three and I was happy to be a Boy. My sister was happy to be a girl until she went to school in California and has been a mess ever since. My Mother becaome a Bra Burner and encouraged this to get her away from the influence of my Father and the Church. My sister became a Social Justice Warrior and is pushing 60 now and never married – she never will marry. After my parent’s devorse, my mother became an out of control alcoholic, mad at the world because so lost her place in it, and died of alcoholism in her early 50s. My mother also influenced my youngest bother, he died in his 50s also. He never became a man. Liberals ruined my mother’s, my bother’s, and my sister’s life by making them believe life is a party and you don’t have to be a responsible adult. Liberals are deep down miserable people who never grew up and learned to be responsible adults. Miserable Liberals want company. They are the same Liberals who are coming after your children so they have company.