Suddenly-Moderate Nancy Rips AOC for HER Socialism


Suddenly-moderate House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — distancing herself from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez‘s socialism/communism — ripped into her for her far-left policies and radical blather on social media. Yet Nancy herself has supported socialist/communist policies over and over again.

It took  Pelosi years to reject socialism in world, but now that they have a lot of Christian illegal aliens pouring in, issues like radical abortion have to be downplayed if they want their votes.

During an interview for a new book, This Will Not Pass, which will be released in May, hypocritical Nancy Pelosi slammed AOC for nearly costing Democrats their majority in the House. It’s probably not that she disagrees with the AOC policies, it’s the approach.

Punchbowl News reported in their newsletter:

Pelosi privately blames progressives for nearly costing Democrats the House and said AOC and Jayapal were fighting to be the “queen bee” of the left. “In a few strictly confidential conversations she pointed a finger leftward. Pelosi told one senior lawmaker that Democrats had alienated Asian and Hispanic immigrants with loose talk of socialism. In some of the same communities, the Italian Catholic speaker said, Democrats had not been careful enough about the way they spoke about abortion among new Americans who were devout people of faith.”

During the infrastructure vote, Pelosi was angry “and in private she vented about the progressive blockade that had forced her to cancel the infrastructure vote. … She told another House Democrat that Pramila Jayapal and Ocasio-Cortez were vying to be the ‘queen bee’ of the left, but that their reward might be serving in the House minority after the next election.”


Last month, newly-moderate Pelosi took another shot at AOC during an interview that she gave for a new biography by USA Today Washington bureau chief Susan Page.

“Pelosi unloads on the Squad, at one point adopting a child-like voice when discussing Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and offers the Squad this blunt advice: ‘You’re not a one-person show. This is the Congress of the United States,’” it was reported.

It took the radical-left speaker quite a while to voice this opposition. Could it be that she is eager to distance herself from the words ‘socialism’ and ‘abortion’?

Mrs. Pelosi is very radical herself. However, she’s also a clever politician and a pragmatist who knows when to back off. AOC is so ideologically bent that she can’t do that.

Socialism is who Nancy is:
  • Who can forget Speaker Pelosi’s radical abortion bill that kills the unborn to the moment of birth?
  • She also thinks it’s a matter of “fairness” to make everyone pay for everyone’s abortions.
  • She has repeatedly refused to disavow socialism.
  • Mrs. Pelosi supported every radical bill from Obama – on, including the Biden Build Back Better bill. She currently supports the budget which is Build Back Better in budget form.
  • Pelosi has pushed bills that push inflation and attack the right to inheritance. She is a chameleon who fully supported the socialist platform, but now the platform isn’t working well.

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