NM to Open an Abortion-on-Demand Clinic for Tourists


Abortion tourists will soon have a huge taxpayer-funded clinic waiting in New Mexico. You can abort your baby AT ANY STAGE IN THE PREGNANCY and then travel around and see the sights in New Mexico.

New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) signed an executive order on Wednesday that directs $10 million in taxpayer money to fund a new abortion clinic in the state to meet an expected rise in demand for the procedure, The Washington Times reports. It will be built in Dona Ana County along the Texas border. Abortion is limited in Texas under their heartbeat law, but abortion tourists can travel across the border to end the life of their baby at any time in the pregnancy.

“These efforts to restrict access to reproductive health services from other states may lead more individuals to seek services from New Mexico healthcare providers,” Lujan Grisham said in a call explaining her executive order, according to Reuters. “We must work to protect and expand the availability of these services to address the demands on our system.”

She expects pre-born life-ending tourism in what will be a public or private service provider.

Grisham is 4 points ahead of her opponent Mark Ronchetti and this bid for pre-born baby killing is apparently a vote getter in New Mexico. Demographic changes have changed the politics of New Mexico.

New Mexico allows abortion up until the moment of birth and they won’t provide medical aid to aborted babies accidentally born alive. Abortion tourists will bring money to the state on the backs of the pre-born. Or you could take responsibility for your mistake by having your baby and keeping  it or putting your child up for adoption.

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