No guns in China so evil people slaughter children with poison & knives


Another mass killing of children took place in China, in Chaoyangpo village of Enshi city in Hubei, the first day of class. This is a horrible story, one of many that has taken place in China, but we are seeing the same problems here.

A 40-year-old madman named Yu stabbed to death eight children, ages six through 13 years. At least two other children were injured.

He had been released from prison in June after serving a sentence for attempted murder.

Schoolchildren have been targeted in China over people carrying grudges. Some are mentally ill. If it’s like the U.S., only 25% of them are mentally ill.

A kindergarten teacher was arrested in eastern China in April after 23 students were sickened in a suspected act of deliberate poisoning. The teacher was believed to have contaminated the children’s food with sodium nitrite, the Jiaozuo city police said on their official microblog. The motivation for the apparent attack was not confirmed.

In a lot of these cases, you will never know what could possibly have gone on in their minds when they committed these horrible crimes against the most innocent and vulnerable.

In January, another man, Qin Pengan, was executed after seriously injuring four children with a kitchen knife in an attack at a nursery in the southern province of Guangxi.

In June last year, two children were stabbed to death by a man outside an elementary school in Shanghai.

In April 2018 a 28-year-old former pupil allegedly seeking revenge for having been bullied stabbed nine pupils to death outside a middle school in northwestern China. Another 10 people were hospitalized with injuries resulting from the rampage in the rural area.

In October last year, a knife-wielding assailant injured 14 children at a kindergarten in the western Chinese city of Chongqing.

China tightly restricts private gun ownership, making knives and homemade explosives the most common weapons in violent crimes.

Guards with batons, shields, and helmets are now a common sight at the start and end of the day at some school gates. Chinese authorities have blamed attacks on what they describe as rising social tensions in the country.

Sources here and here.


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4 years ago

It appears that many other nations are facing similar probs that the USA is.