No National Guard for riots, but Cuomo will send them into NYC to pick up garbage


New York Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday offered to send our National Guard troops into New York City to collect mounting piles of garbage.

National Guard to pick up garbage?

FOX 5 reports that allegedly, it is the economic fallout from the pandemic that resulted in a $25 million cut from the Sanitation Department’s budget in July. That meant a 60% reduction in pickups of public trash baskets. Baskets were being emptied every day pre-pandemic, now that may happen only three times a week.

Last month, former NYC Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia, who resigned to launch a mayoral bid,  said the Sanitation Department had to cut back services amid the budget crunch.

The budget was a disaster before the pandemic.

“Garbage piling up, literally, people saying there is an odiferous environment because of the garbage piling up,” Cuomo said in a press conference. “I don’t know what’s going on in New York City. If they can’t do it, I have offered to send in the National Guard to help pick up the garbage. The state can bring in trucks, personnel, and clean up the city. I think that would be important. This is a public health pandemic. Cleanliness matters. We made millions of gallons of hand sanitizer, right? Cleanliness matters.”

This is after Cuomo refused to send the National Guard in to quell the BLM unrest in the city.



Also, despite the fact that NYC and NYS had a huge deficit before the pandemic, Cuomo will accept no responsibility for economic shortages and insisted the federal taxpayers pay for their problems. Cuomo also denies any responsibility for killing thousands of elderly patients.

There is an incompetent mayor in charge. It seems the problem should be his and that of the people who elected him.




  1. I say we create chain gangs of all the perps and those in jails to clean the city. It will give them something to do. In many sentences across the country it is said, so many years hard labor. I say we bring back hard labor for prisoners. It used to be a deterrent.

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