Persecution of General Flynn in Judge Sullivan’s court



Prominent attorney, Professor Jonathan Turley wrote on Twitter, “Judge Sullivan stated that he is still not prepared to dismiss the case. His prolonging of the inevitable is fulfilling the expectations of the panel, which wanted to take this case from his consideration. This should have been dismissed five months ago.”

The hearing today in the Judge Emmet Sullivan courtroom was political persecution worthy of a third world country, Flynn’s attorney Sydney Powell said.

The judge and his prosecutor — former judge Gleeson — pretended the new exculpatory filings didn’t exist. They are explosive and you can read about them here, here, and here.

Judge Sullivan didn’t even read the briefs. He only read what his friend, attorney Gleeson, gave him.

It was a complete farce, abuse of power, and egregious to the greatest extent imaginable.

At one point in the proceedings, Sullivan threatened Flynn’s defense attorney with a referral to the BAR association for her letter of introduction to AG Bill Barr during the transition between defense counsel.

How insane.

The judge became “an active litigant personally over the man whose case he was presiding over,” Flynn’s attorney said.

The DOJ admitted in court that Flynn never should have been prosecuted. They say the charges were always unprovable.

NBC News reporter Glenn Kirschner wrote on Twitter, “Gleeson said Judge Sullivan should absolutely take Trump’s tweets into account because they expose the real reasons for Barr’s absurd mental gymnastics/pretextual reasons for dismissing Flynn‘s case. It’s a political favor for a corrupt associate of the president.”

“Tweets?”  Are these people nuts?

NBC fake news is actually supporting this horror.

This travesty will continue. They’re likely trying to run out the clock, hoping for a Biden win.



General Flynn’s brother isn’t impressed:

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1 year ago

Has all these people forgot that Barr turned over the review of the case to someone Else in the DOJ. It was the recommendation by him that caused the case to be dismissed.

1 year ago

“POLITICAL PRISONER”. That is the most accurate statement ever.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

This case should have been dismissed 18 months ago, if the DOJ had not withheld evidence. Or, over 2 years ago, when the judge was demanding the DOJ turn over exculpatory evidence. Turley was not saying anything back then, when there were numerous reports that the DOJ had exculpatory evidence, and refused to turn that over to the court. The evidence released last week is very damaging to the DOJ, which had that info the entire time. More damaging info may follow.