No One Arrested After Miami Shootout with Automatic Weapons


Dozens of bullets were fired around midnight from automatic weapons in Miami Gardens on Wednesday evening. It’s a residential family neighborhood, but has been the scene of other violent crimes.

One resident’s surveillance camera captured footage of the gunfire. Police now say it was gang-related.

Nobody was injured in the shooting, but residents said the block looked like a war zone with bullet holes in homes, windows, concrete, furniture, and cars. One truck had 12 bullet holes in it. One family’s couch was riddled with bullets.

Miami Gardens Police Chief Delma K. Noel-Pratt said in a news conference that the public should not be in fear.

“I would like the public to know that they should not be in fear because, as you can tell, it was a targeted shooting,” Noel-Pratt said.

At least 50 or 60 rounds were fired.

Footage from a resident’s security camera shows a group with weapons standing around the street that night. When a silver Nissan approaches, they start shooting. The automatic gunfire lasted for 18 seconds.

The shooting forced the driver off the road, plowing down a fence. It came to a stop in a man’s front yard. The video shows three people stumbling out of the car, running for their lives.

Noel-Pratt also revealed in Friday’s news conference that there was an exchange of gunfire between at least one person in the car and the gunmen who were standing outside, waiting for it to arrive.

No one was arrested, and the chief said the people in the Nissan were victims but were uncooperative. Victims? it looks like a shootout between two gangs.

America is going down.

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