No Routine Patrols as New Democrats Flood In


No more routine patrols at the border. The agents must deal with the overcrowding so no one is watching the border. This is according to a report from agents talking with Breitbart Texas. We have no idea who is coming across the border, none.

More people are drowning without help from officers. In addition, they can no longer accept migrants’ remains.

No one cares about these people. Yet, when one little girl died through no one’s fault, Democrats raised Cain.

Gov. Abbott is sending handfuls of the illegal aliens flooding into the country to New York City and D.C. since they welcome them and have more resources.

On Sunday, as the New York Post reports, the city’s hospital system held an event for arriving border crossers at a hospital in the Bronx where they were offered healthcare services along with free cellphones, food, library cards, and school supplies.

New York City officials are planning to house border crossers arriving on migrant buses in about 6,000 hotel rooms. Some are put up in the Milford Plaza, a famous luxury hotel in Times Square. That plan comes as rents for New Yorkers have skyrocketed.

New York City officials say they will enroll at least 1,000 young border crossers in public schools from Manhattan to Queens before the school year starts on September 8, according to the New York Post. Most came from Texas buses.

About a quarter million unaccompanied minor children (many of whom are gangbangers) have come through under Biden. They will then bring in their families, so multiply that by the 5, 10, or 20 family members, and you have millions of prospective new Democrats.

One must remember that Gov. Abbott isn’t bringing them in, but Joe Biden is.

Mayorkas just passed another rule making the US a sanctuary nation. Not a peep of a complaint from the politicians. FAIR also reported that 4.5 million people had entered illegally since Biden took office, and that doesn’t include at least 900,000 gotaways.

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