NoKo Sends Balloons of Shoes, Fertilizer, Trash, Waste to S. Korea


North Korea sent balloons filled with waste into South Korea. This was in response to anti-Pyongyang leaflets sent over the border recently by South Korean activists. The North Korean defense minister warned them a response was coming.

NBC News said they sent waste and propaganda in over 200 balloons. The waste included trash, bottles, old batteries, leaflets, shoe parts, fertilizer, and other waste, not human waste as they did in 2016.

The South Koreans were sternly warned to cut it out.

South Korea sent out a government emergency disaster alert urging citizens to refrain from touching the objects and to report any more incidents to the military.

Response teams were dispatched to identify what was in the balloons, confirming the inclusion of fertilizers.

Well, they didn’t start shooting off rockets, so that’s good. They are governed by Rocket Man after all.

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