Where Did Ron Paul Libertarians Go? To Communism?


Libertarians are starting to bolt from the party’s nominee for president, whom top Libertarian Jeremy Kauffman called a “gay race communist.” The Libertarians are often described as kooks, but nominating a communist is a complete realignment of the party values.

Kauffman wants Libertarians to understand it’s not just about policy.


Donald Trump promised to commute Ross Ulbricht’s sentence, possibly pardon Julian Assange, put a Libertarian in his Cabinet and several in his senior leadership, support crypto, cancel any WHO treaty, and ban CBDC.

With all that, they chose a communist. I’ll never forget that.

They chose a former academic and government bureaucrat for Vice President.

Shouldn’t they have saved the FUs for the communists? Watch:

Oliver is a big BLM supporter, and they are communist anarchists. He supports drag queen story hours, open borders, and Big Tech censorship. Libertarians might often support open borders, but censorship? Oliver supports mandatory vaccinations and masks. That’s not very Libertarian of him.

Oliver believes in transitioning children and allowing males to compete in female sports.

Some now believe Libertarians have caved to communism, including me. Oliver was an Obama Democrat. He still is.

They’re becoming the butt of jokes.

Angela McArdle, the Libertarian Party Chair, is under fire from the Libertarian base for inviting Donald Trump, RFK Jr., and Joe Biden to the convention. That doesn’t sound very Libertarian, but there is a different group of people in charge. Perhaps it’s not Ron Paul’s party any longer. Maybe they have to take their party back, too?

The commies seem to have influenced them.

Ardent Libertarian Clint Russell, who runs the program ‘Lockdown,’ said, “Oliver does not represent most libertarians.”

Tim Pool thinks most Libertarians will vote for Trump.

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