Non-white supremacists savagely assault black men


The New York City Police Department is hunting for three suspects, one of whom was seen on video hurling a cinder block at a man’s head last week. Another beat a man.

Surveillance footage showed a young suspect raising a cinderblock over his head before launching it at an unsuspecting 47-year-old male standing on a sidewalk last Wednesday at around 3 a.m. in the Bronx.

The victim was forced to the ground as another man beats him with a crate.

While a struggle ensues with the first victim, a masked man begins to punch a second 25-year-old victim, who did not fight back. The beatings continue until the suspects flee with what could be cash and a wallet.

It’s all caught on video:

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Pietro Bruniton
Pietro Bruniton
1 year ago

Lot of lippiness from the burn it all down fellow travelers about who is going to do what but the real droogs will just do it.
It is best to have a little something for the unity struggle session.