Northwestern U cancels writer for criticizing Jill Biden’s ‘Dr’ title


Jill Biden has an EdD in Education and can technically call herself ‘doctor,’ but that term is usually used for educational professional purposes. It’s an unimpressive degree in general.

Joseph Epstein wrote an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal, titled, “Is there a doctor in the White House? Not if you need an M.D.”

Epstein is a writer and lecturer at the university. After he wrote the essay, his profile was erased from the university website.

He said using ‘Dr’ before her name “sounds and feels fraudulent not to say a touch comic.” He said it because her doctorate is in education, not medicine or science. Many say, that’s not elitist to those not in education, it’s telling the truth.

Critics in education have said that if people understood how easy it is to get an EdD, they might agree.

Epstein also argued that a Ph.D., once prestigious, has also been eroded due “to the lack of seriousness and the relaxation of standards in university education generally.”

Epstein is no longer an “emeritus lecturer” on the Northwestern website.

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