Not-Deported Illegal Alien Raped a Woman on a Train While Onlookers Filmed


A perverted man who (allegedly) raped a woman on a Philadelphia SEPTA train as passengers filmed it and looked on without helping. He is an illegal alien from the Congo. He was supposed to be deported in 2015.

He overstayed a visa and has a rap sheet of drugs and sex abuse crimes.

Fiston Ngoy, 35, has been present in the US illegally since 2015 and was kept in the US despite criminal convictions.

He is charged in the brutal eight-minute rape of this woman. He first began touching her, then stripped and raped her.

Police say bystanders did nothing but pull out their phones and film the attack. Finally, an off-duty transit worker intervened and called for police help.

Ngoy claimed he knew the woman and sex was consensual, which she denied. It was an absurd claim.

I “have no words for it,’ said Upper Darby Police Superintendent Timothy Bernhardt, who called passengers’ lack of action “disturbing”.

The victim was taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for injuries she suffered.

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