Not one Dem would vote to condemn Bernie’s pro-Castro stance


Democratic lawmakers Thursday successfully blocked a GOP resolution condemning Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’s praise for the Castro regime.

By a vote of 224-189, that fell along party lines, the House of Representatives on Thursday voted to block a resolution that condemned numerous human rights abuses that took place under the Castro regime. It also condemned recent instances where Sanders refused to fully denounce the late Fidel Castro’s dictatorial rule over Cuba.

The resolution was introduced by GOP Florida Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart who represents a district of 335,000 residents of Cuban descent, half his district.

Speaking on the House floor Thursday, Diaz-Balart called Sanders’s comments “blatantly false.”

“If anybody wants to know the devastation of socialism and the tyranny that so often accompanies it, I invite you to speak to some of my constituents, including thousands, thousands of former political prisoners now in exile,” the Republican lawmaker said, also listed several political dissenters who are being held in captivity in Cuba.


Bernie has on three recent occasions said not everything about the Castro regime was negative. He keeps boasting of the “literacy program” which was actually an indoctrination program. At the same time, he demonizes the United States.

Rep. Donna Shalala and Miami Democratic Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, who are both facing competitive reelection races, didn’t participate in the vote that would have advanced DiazBalart’s resolution.

Not one Democratic lawmaker would let the resolution move forward. Bernie Sanders is very possibly their future candidate for President. He hates the USA and loves dictators.


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