UK, France, US: A society hellbent on committing orgiastic suicide


First, the UK elected a far-left WOKE leader, and now France has turned the government over to the miscreants in their society. US elections are next, and the result might be the same.

France Goes Down

The left-green alliance made up of communists, Antifa, and radical Islamists has taken first place, and LePen’s right-wing party is last. Macron joined with the hardcore Left and miscreants to defeat LePen’s party.

Over 200 French election candidates quit to stop LePen. LePen had the most votes and won everywhere but Paris. The people don’t matter. The establishment wins in France.

France just went the way of the UK – hardcore Left and radical Islam win.

The Why

Elon Musk shares many of Behavioral Science Professor Gad Saad’s thoughts on X, including the following:

“I’ve said this before,” Saad writes, “but it’s worth repeating: World history is defined by the following simple rule. There are two groups on either side of a river. Each covets various resources from the other group. The only thing that stops a perpetual conflict between the two groups is the realization by each group that the other will respond in equal measure (or worse) if attacked.

“Now imagine that the West has decided to throw away this defining dynamic that shapes this fundamental historical reality. Defending what is ours is rooted in our genes; it is a central feature of our human nature. But the West has said that we are so progressive, so empathetic, so enligteneed that we are not bound by pediastrian [sic pedestrian] biology. Hence, we will not defend our culture; we will not defend our heritage; we will not defend our religion; we will not defend our women; we will not defend our children; we will not defend our values.

“According to our Western leaders, only barbarians worry about such defensive concerns. We are open, tolerant, kind, compassionate, welcoming. No amount of evidence can convince us that other groups might do us harm. And hence, we brainwash our children, who become our politicians; we rejoice in the rape of our societies because this proves that we are kind.

“It is a mixture of what I discussed in The Parasitic Mind and what I’ll be presenting to the world in my next book, Suicidal Empathy. I frankly am running out of optimism; I’m bereft of hope. I fight every day at great personal and professional cost. But how can you change anything when your society is hellbent on committing orgiastic suicide?”


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