Nothing new in Assange report except media lies


Assange is trending on Twitter but there is nothing new except U.S. lawyers agree that then-Rep Rohrabacher offered Assange a deal for freedom if he revealed his source for the DNC leak. They did not agree that the President was involved in the deal.


Lawyers representing the U.S. at Julian Assange’s extradition trial have accepted the claim that the WikiLeaks founder was offered a presidential pardon on the condition that he would help cover up Russia’s involvement in hacking emails from the DNC, according to The Daily Beast. That’s the Beast’s take, but Rohrabacher was simply looking for the name of the leaker(s) not a cover up. The Beast is trying to put a nasty take on it. There was no cover-up insofar as we know, and the President has not yet been tied to it.

This is what the document says:

The Beast and the media are repeating the Beast comment about it being a cover-up. But you will find after eight paragraphs: (1) The U.S. lawyers are “not contesting” that Rep. Rohrabacher made the offer (how could they know?); but also (2) The U.S. lawyers say Rohrabacher was lying.

Republican congressman Dana Rohrabacher offered Assange the deal in 2017, a year after the emails that damaged Hillary Clinton had been published. Rohrabacher partially confirmed it by saying he spoke to then-Chief of Staff John Kelly about it, but he never spoke with President Trump.

There is no evidence he spoke with John Kelly.

Jennifer Robinson, a lawyer, told the court that she had attended a meeting between Assange, then-Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, and media troll Charles Johnson at Assange’s hide-out, the Ecuadorian embassy in London, on August 15, 2017.

Robinson said the two Americans claimed to be emissaries from Washington and “wanted us to believe they were acting on behalf of the president.” The pair allegedly told Assange that they could help grant him a pardon in exchange for him revealing information about the source of the WikiLeaks information that proved it was not the Russians who hacked Democratic emails.

“They stated that President Trump was aware of and had approved of them coming to meet with Mr. Assange to discuss a proposal—and that they would have an audience with the president to discuss the matter on their return to Washington, D.C.,” Robinson said.

The White House has denied that Trump took part in any such plan.

James Lewis, who was representing the U.S. government, said: “The position of the government is we don’t contest these things were said. We obviously do not accept the truth of what was said by others.”

Assange still claims the leaker was not a state actor.

Assange is fighting extradition to the U.S. on the grounds the prosecution is politically motivated.

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