Prof wants Trump supporters to die before the election


A biology professor from Marshall University (the thundering herd) was suspended for saying that she hopes Trump supporters die of COVID before the election.

Isn’t that lovely?

Jennifer Mosher told her class that she’s fed up and frustrated with Trump supporters who won’t wear their masks.  “Yesterday he held one inside. Nobody wore a mask,” Mosher says in a clip that’s going viral online.

Mosher goes on to say, “And I’ve become the type of person where I hope they all get it and die. You can’t argue with them, you can’t talk sense into them. I said to somebody yesterday, I hope they all die before the election. That’s the only saving hope I have right now. Definitely bootlickers.”

“I should stop talking about politics.  I really should not be talking politics,” she added.

The university issued a statement after the tweet went viral saying that said the professor had been placed on administrative leave.

“The university does not support or condone the use of any of its educational platforms to belittle people or wish harm on those who hold differing political views. The professor was removed from the classroom yesterday and is on administrative leave,” the school said.

She knows she shouldn’t talk about politics but did it anyway. Should she be teaching???


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