Nothing to see here! Woke NJ school marks all holidays as ‘day off’


All holidays, including Columbus Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas are all removed from a New Jersey school calendar. That caused an uproar in the district so the school officials are attempting to convince people it doesn’t mean anything.

They say they will still recognize them historically, it’s just that they are not on the calendar. There is nothing to see here!

But why remove them? Well, according to them, it’s because the calendar is only to announce attendance. They want people to believe in this age of the cancel culture that there is NO significance to removing the dates.

This also comes as the Woke district canceled Columbus Day and changed it to Indigenous Peoples’ Day. They received a fiery response from the community about that.

In an action that is pleasing almost no one, the board of education in the Morris County, New Jersey school district decided to strip all holiday names off of the school calendar.

According to Fox News, “Holidays like Thanksgiving will not be on the calendar and will simply be called “day off”.  Jewish holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur were also stripped off the calendar by the move.”

After the unanimous vote from the board, the crowd erupted. One man can be heard shouting “What did you just do?  What just happened?”

this is what happened. Instead of saying Merry Christmas in Morristown schools, say, Have a merry day off, ho, ho, ho.

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