Now Biden’s Stealing Home Heating Fuel Reserves


The Biden administration is discussing draining the federal diesel reserve to address energy shortfalls, according to The Hill.

He won’t do what’s necessary and the diesel shortages will continue to get worse. He is responsible for the refineries shutting down.

“The team has prepared emergency declarations for President authorize release from the Northeast Home Heating Oil Reserve if conditions deteriorate,” they added. “We would call this a bridge to deal with short-term supply shortfalls.”

He’s playing whack-a-mole with our necessities.

The Northeast Home Heating Oil Reserve, created in 2000, is a Northeast-based stockpile of about 1 million barrels of home heating oil. It only has about a day’s worth of supply for the Northeast, according to the White House. It’s meant for emergencies. And it’s too small to be of any significant use.

As usual, the White House is blaming Russia, but the problem is the administration destroying our fossil fuel industry.

“In recent weeks, the team noted a worrisome decline in diesel inventories in the Northeast (below 20M barrels), as well as on-the-ground reports of supply issues, resulting from a lack of supply in part resulting from Putin’s actions in Ukraine and the disruption in the energy market,” the official said.

The administration only noticed it in recent weeks. This has been threatening for months.

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John Vieira
John Vieira
1 year ago

Things seem to be on track…yhe best is yet to come…

1 year ago

Why the hell isn’t someone bringing a class action suit against this administration to stop their actions against our oil resources? The oil is a national resource belonging to all of us, that’s why the income from lease sales goes into the general fund. Seems all 330+million of us have a stake in this.