“POTUS, frail, bitterly partisan, desecrating the memory of murdered children”


With his usual heartlessness, Biden rushed to politicize the horrific tragedy in Robb Elementary School during his speech tonight. Parents lost their young children and instead of uniting us and drawing on his better virtues, he used his speech to attack innocent people.

Despicable man.

He went back to his talking points we have all heard before, especially the one about Kevlar vests. He’s so trite and dishonest.

Tucker is absolutely correct here. Joe Biden is wholly unfit for leadership of this country. He’s a nasty, divisive individual trading on the deaths of children. He tried yelling at times to call for taking our guns.

One partisan wants to end deportation as a result of the murders.

He was frail, negative, feeble, and fully political even as children lay dead tonight.

Full Speech:

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