NSA is likely spying on Tucker, they spy on everyone


Tucker Carlson said this week that he has confirmed the NSA spied on his show. The NSA denied it but they don’t have a record to support that.

The NSA was caught spying on everyone in 2013 and said they were just collecting metadata. Edward Snowden documented it with the release of the spy programs, Prism and Blarney.

Then there was the spying on Donald Trump. He used the wrong word, calling it wiretapping. The Democrats and media mocked him, but they WERE spying on him!

American Greatness writer, Julie Kelly tweeted today that the spouse of a 1-6 defendant told her that FBI agents wanted to know what news shows they watched.

Tell me again that they wouldn’t spy on Tucker and his show to discredit him and get the show off the air.

Carlson isn’t just accepting the NSA isn’t spying on him. He is not getting the support of the media. Instead, they’re mocking him. Check The Washington Post as an example. They are calling Tucker paranoid.

The media doesn’t care if the intel community is abusing its power and spying without warrants. Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell are okay with spying.

Some people have emailed Tucker, saying he must be emailing the wrong people. Greenwald told Tucker to “think about the authoritarianism of that.”

As Greenwald said, journalism and the intelligence community have merged:

Spying is Reaching a New Low

Jim Jordan and James Comer joined Matt Gaetz in calling for an independent inspector general probe into Tucker Carlson’s NSA claims. All three signed a letter to the NSA Inspector General. 

It’s not likely they will get anywhere.

Have a Laugh, Just the Same:

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